puppies and mittens...

Living in the West of Scotland in the winter can be a wet, cold and miserable affair.

Hats, gloves and boots are not an optional extra, they are a neccesity. But just because they are essential does not mean that they have to lack style, luxury or even fun. Luckily the internet has made finding the perfect items easier than ever before.

For me, the best things are not always found on 'fashion'sites but on proper outdoor or sports sites. This winter  the online sites of two classic British stores have come up trumps for me - Blacks and Millets Both of which I remember my Father dragging me into when I was younger.

This year I was on the hunt for very very special mittens from a special label!

66 NORTH  Kaldi Artic Mittens  £40.00  (20% off  with code SKI20)        Videy Hat   £24.00

Hat and mittens

That label was 66North. My thinking being, if they can keep people in Iceland cosy, then they can surely keep my Royal hands and head toasty!

Picture 1

Vatnajökull 800 banner

 Founded in 1926 by Hans Kristjansson who began producing protective clothing for the fishermen Sugandanfjord to keep them warm and dry in extreme conditions of Iceland. The brand is now the most popular active wear in all of the country.

The Name 66 North comes from the the Latitude line of the Arctic Circle which touches the Northernmost part of Iceland, the small island if Grímsey. Today the brand prides itself in its expert production of outdoor clothing, The Search and Rescue Organisation of Iceland have trusted 66 North in creating their clothing for over half a century, so they must be doing something right!

When they arrived from Blacks  I was so excited, they were even more beautiful than I had hoped for with softest virgin wool and faux fur cuff.  I was going to do an outfit post but I knew that if I wanted to convey just how cute these mittens were, I was going to have employ someone much much cuter than me.

Say Hello to Hollie.  Gav and Rona's puppy, 3 months old and full of fun...



 Put them together and what do you get  - a puppy and mittens...

 Could it be any cuter?

Hollie and mittens crop

 Then just when you though it couldn't be any sweeter!

I don't just give you Pup and Boots...

Hollie and b

 I give you Pup in Boots!!!! 

Hollie in boots

These are my new hi tech snowboots from Millets  and what wonderful things they are. Waterproof,insulated and lightweight and and best of all, they look like something that Heidi would wear making them instant winners for me. They were also a total scoop at only £90!

 Hitech Sierra Sina 200 Snow Boot 

Hitech snowboots

Thank you to Rona who managed to stop her little angel from eating my hat, mittens and boots!

Well nearly...


Queen Marie