the street spirit of berlin...


When a label says they are inspired by the street style of their city , I always wonder if it really is.

It is such a strong but tenuous statement to make.

Perhaps my hesitation is partly because my city of Glasgow does not really have a distinct style. Yes there are lots of different looks, that may even be specific to one area of the city, but not really one distinct city defining style.

But Julia and Ben clothes do really speak to me of Berlin. They speak so loudly in fact, that they make me want to rush over there as quickly as I can.



Strangley their lookbook also made me think about tatoos. This girl looks amazing and effortlessly cool.

As with previous collections, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection offers beautiful combinations of muted shades, soft silhouettes and self designed prints. The distinctive prints are mainly inspired by the changing surfaces that unravel in processes decay and corrosion...


 Many labels also boast that they produce 'unisex' looks but very few truly do. Again Julia and Ben are an exception -

"Our design challenges conventionality – such as boxy oversized cuts or draped fabrics in both our designs for woman and men – but, importantly, the creations are also flattering. Many of the materials have been tie-dyed, bleached or moonwashed by hand or even aged in our Atelier to create different unique effects. Many prints are being developed from handmade surfaces. The fabrics in the collections have an interesting impact as they reflect the urban lifestyle at best – though, dirty and sometimes vamped up.

Recontextualization of the seemingly "broken", fluid identities and unbounded gender constructions on the one hand, as well as the longing for continuity in form and fashionon the other, are the topics that we continually explore and interpret in our personal way"


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It's no secret I'm no fan of sheer but  I find the semi transparent fabrics prevalent in much of their menswear  very very appealing. Go figure!

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I wonder if I could maybe manage a little weekend in Berlin before the end of the year.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to look at cheap flights

Queen Marie