wrap a ribbon round it...

Talking about my earl jeans yesterday has made me nostalgic for the old days.

Very nostalgic...

Back then, the biggest event in our going out calender was New Year.

Of course we would look at all the Christmas dresses but dressing up for the Subbie New Year Party was the real deal for us.

Forget weeks, we must have spend months thinking about, talking about and trying on outfits. Hell we probably bought about 10 outfits and took nine back before we settled on the one (much to Prince B's amusement)

It goes without saying that sparkly shiny things were  high up on the shopping list. But when money was tight we always found that a pretty length of ribbon would make anything look better. Tied around our neck, our waist or to create a pretty empire line on a dress. There was nothing that couln't be improved by some grosgrain ribbon.

Maybe that's why I am so smitten by these pretty ribbon bracelets. I would happily wear them  in every colour

Picture 1
Picture 2
They cost £18 each from a site called  www.treasurejewellery.co.uk 

But be warned, the site is as shonky as these little ribbon bracelets are pretty. 

They seriously need to take a look at it, it's grim. Especially given the fact that there are some pretty pieces on there but the look and layout makes everything look cheap and lo-rent.

Grande Empress Gillian would love these earrings. I'm a big fan of blue jasper and malachite too, they are semi precious stones that you don't really come across every day!

Emma earrings £80.00

Blue jasper drop earrings with gold plated chains, swarovski crystals and rhinestone details.

Madina earrings £80.00

Malachite drop earrings with gold plated chains, swarovski crystals and rhinestone details.


Picture 4
Picture 3

 Orange Lotus Necklace £35.00


I still go out to the club after the bells but in the last few years Queen Michelle and Prince B spend New Year with The Duchesse up in Aberdeen.

Maybe I should get two of these and we can wear them as a pledge to try and bring our dressing up adventures back. Hell, we could even have our New Year night out in February as long as we get to buy new outfits ( sorry Prince B, you might want to go hide in the kitchen with your decks, the madness could be coming back...)


Queen Marie



Queen Maire