night time is the right time...

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Nothing is more complicated than simplicity...

That coda is well understood by Agnese Taurina the designer behind  AGNESSAGA

This is a lovely  brand that embodies the spirit of northern nature and is dedicated to the women who like simple yet special things. The collections are made of natural materials, Spring/Summer 2014 collection is made of 100% linen. You will find comfortable tunics,  light dresses and elegant tops that are a must have for every freedom lover’s wardrobe. 

The founder and leading designer of AGNESSAGA studio and company is Agnese Taurina who currently studies graphic design at Central Saint Martins Art and Design college. Agnese is passionated by mounains, northern nature, and Art Nouveau architecture in Riga(Latvia) where the company is based now.

" If we can not live naked then we need the right clothes which express our inner feelings and attitude ."

While I love the inspiration and the garments, I'm not sure about the naked bit. Truth to tell I'm not very comfortable naked, never have been, never will be.


What I love most of all is her description of what the clothes are designed for -

Agnessaga clothing is designed for dancing in meadows and bohemian vagabonding in city streets at night. 

Bohemian Vagabonding in City Streets - hell yeah, that's exacty what I want do .

You can find her work over at Kingdom favourite not just a label


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