sweet like candy&grace...

Say hello to Felix, Daniel and Benedict

With names like that, they sound like English public schoolboys but are actually three young rascals from Germany who are out to reinvent the pocket watch!

Now celebrating their second season, they are the creative design talent behind Candy & Grace who have set out to make a timepiece full of fun. A timepiece more Flava Flav than Victorian Gent. They come in a selction of sweet candy colours and with a handbraided leather chain, you can wear them anywhere that takes your fancy.

I love the fact that it  looks like it came out of a lucky bag but of course, being made by German boys, this thing is engineered within an inch of it's life

 Housed in a bright polycarbonate case with an alloyed brass rotary button and state-of-the-art Miyota 2035 quartz movement, these Pocket Watches are finished with two interchangeable 35 cm and 75 cm chains to suit different moods and outfits, a sturdy stainless steel ring for easy attachment, replaceable battery. They also come in a darling black velvet filigree style cut box.

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To be honest I've not worn a watch for years. I'm not sure when I stopped and started just looking at my phone, which when I think about it, is both a litte sad and lazy!

These look great slung around your neck, your bag or just wrapped around your wrist. Much more fun than just glancing at your silly phone.

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Take a little look at their online shop and see what you think.

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Is it time for me to rethink wearing a watch?

It might just be....

Queen Marie