dark was the night...

This year for the first time, Optimo Espookio is on a Friday.

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween but I wouldn't miss Espookio for all the tea in China ( and that's a whole lot of tea). The sights to see boggle the mind and the imagination.

What makes is so wonderful is that there is hardly a shop bought costume to be seen. People go to incredible lengths to make thier own. On more than one occassion I have been rendered speechless by just how creative people can be.


Sadly I'm not that creative or dedicated but I do try to give it a bash.This year I'm talking inspiration from a doll.

A very special doll - Blythe. 

To be more specific a Sugar Skull Blythe...K-collage


(As a brief aside, it's no secret that I'm not really into make up or cosmetics rather than my red lips and disco eyes but  these two shots below make me long to try lace or glittered eyelids.)


For Friday night, I have facepaint, and flowers a plenty on standby. Grande Empresse Gillian who is no stranger to a make up brush or sponge ( I had no idea what that was on Saturday much to the amusement of Queen Michellle and Lady Lisa) has agreed to help me put my face together.

It will either work wonderfully well or be a total utter disaster. I shall be sure to take some shots.

But I'm thinking that as a back up, I should buy this headband from the spookshop at Urban Outfitters. That way I can just wipe off all of the sodding make up and just shove this on top of my head instead!

  Boo, Bat and RIP headband £12.00 each

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 4

Although on second thoughts, my face will be such a mess by that point, I will maybe need something more heavy duty to hide the horror like this full on faace mask.

  Panda Mask £30.00Picture 8

Watch this space...

Quen Marie