Digging Up The Past

Ok, fashion can't actually change your life, but sometimes it sure feels that way. I was recently thinking about collections from the past that still inspire me even now. In a fast paced, ever-evolving industry like fashion, it's sometimes easy to forget to slow down and smell the roses, as it were. The constant need to move forward or risk stagnating, or worse still, being terribly out of fashion, the temptation to continually change and upgrade your wardrobe is a powerful one. It so happens for me I'm never really in fashion, and if I am it's often rather by accident than design, but I do admit that recently I've been riding the crest of a fashionable Celine/Bassike wave. I would never actually buy any real Celine, but I will happily create my own version. With some help from Zara.

My Celine/Bassike inspiration might take a bit of back seat as I go back to another incredible collection, which more or less changed my life. Ok, less, but you know what I mean (it's Friday and we can exaggerate on a Friday)....

The Chloe AW06 collection, designed by Phoebe Philo.

As perhaps a testament to the awesome powers of Ms Philo, the silhouettes still resonate with me even now, 7 years later. I've been hunting around for billowing cocoon dresses once more, to pair with chunky soled shoes, grey ribbed tights and white shirts. I used to have the wooden wedges from this collection and now regret selling them. Typical.

Doesn't this collection still feel relevant?

Do you have any collections from the past which still inspire you even now?