caught up in the net...

I would never describe myself as a romantic person.

Whimsical and perhaps a little fey but never romantic.

Yet for the last few winters I have hankered after the romantic veiled beanie by Bernstock Speirs...


I love veils. Whether in art or in real life, they always seem to add a touch of mystery that  somehow speaks of otherworldly enchantment.

It goes without saying of course that I am about as far removed from otherwordly  as it is possible to get and yet the fascination endures. I am under the spell of the veil...

I finally caved in about a month ago.

It took me a while to settle on a colour. But in view of the fact that I had dug out and have been wearing my old Maharishi Parkas with my precious green Georgia Wiseman 'stella' necklace, I went with the green.


Needless to say since it arrived, the weather has been unseasonably wam or wet so , so I have been restricted to just wearing it indooors, wafting around in my wooly hat...

 Ancient Maharishi Parka,Won Hundred Dress,  Stella Necklace by Georgia Wiseman, Prada Glasses  DSC01239 2

DSC01254 2


Now if you will excuse me, I shall go and walk in thw woods to think romantic thoughts.

Hell who am I kidding, I'll be thinking about tea and cupcakes as usual...

Queen Marie