Bite me...

Hooray it's Friday.

Thank Feck.

Let's look at some fangs...

Yesterday I said I would show my favourite piece from the Bonnie Bling Winter Collection.

Here it is - the Bite Me acrylic necklace.

 It comes with a wonderful heavy link chain and is a whole lot of necklace for a mere £18.00!!!!

As you can see my couch skeleton is pretty damm happy wearing his around the house...

DSC00187  DSC00190

While I woud happily recommend the necklace, I do offer you a cautionery tale about your fangs!

Last week I thought it would be hoot to fashion my own fangs and take a couple of fun shots. I lifted a bit of inkjet poster paper from the studio because it was super white and shiny.

I was due to drive into town that evening to pick up Grande Empresse Gillian but before I did, I cut the fangs out , popped them in and took a couple of shots. By the time I was driving into town , 10 minutes later, my lips had started to puff and swell. By the time I reached Glasgow I felt like  Jocelyn Wildenstein. I had to stop and buy anti histamine tablets for fear my throat would start to close over. GEG, Bless her, was so tipsy she didn't notice a thing

It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I then realised the paper was "quick drying" and was therefore covered in heaps of chemicals to which I was taking an allergic reaction. Arghhh. I spent an anxious night and the next day the inside of my lips were all frayed and bleeding...



I would make such a rubbish vampire.

I can't even cope with paper fangs...

Queen Marie