sly as a fox...

Isn't it funny how a word can mean totally different things in different places!

Take the word "po" 

Here in the UK, it's usually used in the expression "po faced" meaning "having an overly serious demeanor or attitude; humorless." Yet in Finland in the wonderful world of Po Vintage, the creation of the lovely Salla and Johanna it means the total opposite. There "po" stands for fun. Big Fun.

I came across them through my pinterest and I'm so glad I did. They have  helped restore my faith in online vintage stores a little. They are having fun and using their imaginations.The simple use of the fox mask and other devices make you focus on the clothes and ot the model while still oconveying a sense of light hearted plaufullness.

The girls explain it so  much better...

"Welcome to the world of PoVintage! - Bad Humor. Great Style.

 We are a duo of designer and visual artist from the north side of the globe, a strip of land called Finland. Over the years our closets had become overloaded with stuff we no longer needed and what a better way to find new homes for them than starting our own second hand shop.

 For us, taking photographs is definitely the most fun part of having an online vintage store. Second hand clothes possess a spirit of their own and we love creating different characters. At PoVintage you can meet upbeat Merry Widows, lowbrow Gonzo Travellers and kleptomaniac Style Stealing Tigers − just to name few."

Vintage 1970s plaid skirt $26.46


Vintage stripe skirt $34.81


Men's blue  1970's Finnair t-shirt,  $26.46


Vintage silk blouse with bow  $41.78


Now isn't that so much better than some po-faced hipster trying to suck all the fun out of your second hand clothes. I sure think so...

Queen Marie