Epheremal Happiness

I was recently contacted by new label Luca Michele, a labour of love of two Italian-born brothers who take inspiration from "the never static London environment and technologic society". 

Luca studied at Kingston University and graduated showing his collection at the graduate fashion week. He gained experience interning for Aminaka Wilmont, Topshop and Emilio De La Morena.

Michele studied fashion design in Italy and after graduation moved to London where he interned for Marios Schwab. 

They describe their graduate collection, Machina, as being inspired by "the changes occurred in recent years, with consumerism that leads people to seek an ephemeral happiness in objects, the growing importance of technology, which simultaneously gets old quickly and forces to a materialistic spiral to have always more and new".

Their graduate collection is particularly bold and for their first official S/S 2014 collection they have kept the essence and heart of the graduate collection but used lighter and softer fabrics, such as cotton jersey, and more feminine shapes, sensibly making it much more accessible and wearable. 

Wearable certainly does not equal watered down in this instance however, as the shapes remain distinctly architectural in feel with strong sportswear leanings and you can definitely see key pieces emerge, such as the white panelled skirt and perforated leather shorts.