intermediate feet...

Oh how I wish the weather would make up it's mind

My feet don't know wether they are coming or going. Warm weather, cold weather, indian summer type weather, monsoon. Grrrrr.

I like to keep my toes out as long as possible and dread the return of socks and boots. This year, I'm especially loathe to give  up these black sandals my mother bought me. I think of them as my "1940's Housewife"sandals.

For some reason they look very post war to me and in fact I 'm sure I have a photograph of my great gran wearing something similar complete with her wrap round apron on!  


But as I watch my precious trees turn and drop their leaves, I cannot escape the fact that colder days are on the way...


Luckily for me, I have just the solutions for such inbetweeny weather - I break out my intermediate feet.

Unlike Queen Michelle who has recently rediscovered the comfort of flats, I have never left sneaker land. Converse, YMC, Simple and Vans, they all do slightly different things at slightly different times. 

Now they may not be the prettiest, but they perfectly fit the bill of giving you cozy toes without feeling trapped. My Vans Suede Surf Siders...



Of course now that I'm sitting here all smug in my intermediate feet, I shall wake up to sleet and snow in the morning. It's sods law...

Queen Marie