who knew there were two 7o'clocks in a day...


 Queen Michelle and Grande Empress Gillian have both been known to accuse me of thinking there is only one 7'oclock in the day. Given my aversion to early rises they both have a fair point. While I have no problem returning home at 7am after a night  out, getting up at that time is a a challenge I seek to avoid.

But last weekend S was having one of his infamous Lodge afterparties, the last one before he move house. So Telford set me a different challenge -"Screw the club and come for breakfast. I'm playing 7-9am"

 Some techno with my tea and toast. It sounded like a fine plan ...


A fine plan until my alarm actually went off. Ughhhhhh

I thought about sacking it off until I remembered an article I had read about creativity and changing your routine. It was nothing new, just about simple little tricks you should try from time to time to keep your brain on it's toes. Tricks like trying to write with your other hand, taking another route home or getting up and going to bed at a different time.

So I forced myself up and out of bed and I was so glad I did.

The sun was just rising as I left home and drove to the party along empty roads. When I got there the party was in full flow, I've never seen so many people in one room. Telf then said something I've never heard another dj say to me - " I'm going to have empty this place"

He did exactly that within the space of about 6 tracks and then proceeded to fill it right back up again and kicked it all off in another direction.

It was a totally topsy turvy wonderful back to front night ( or should that be morning)


Who knows what time and where I shall end up this weekend...

Queen Marie