knock knock...

When obsession comes knocking at your door, it can be very hard to resist.

Especially if the object of your new unexplainable, slightly bizarre obsession, is in fact a door knocker.

But not any old door knocker,  I'm talking about a victorian one shaped like a hand....


What the hell!

I have no idea where this one came from and why.

To understand just how ludicrous this desire is, you need to know that I don't even use my front door. It is a ghastly white UPVC thing that has been faulty since I moved in, so I only ever come and go using my back door, while all my parcels are deliverd to the studio!

I'm trying to shake it but I.m not getting very far.

 I keep looking at this one on ebay. I adore the fact that she is even wearing a ring. But even I could not find a way to justify spending £111 on a door knocker...


But I'm thinking that I could easily justify  £14.95 on this one from Rockett St George

Although at a height 10cm and width 4cm (to widest point)< I'm thinking that it would just be too scooty 

Picture 1

Although I think the fact that it is so crudely fashioned compared to a proper antique one like this below would start to drive me mad after about a week... 


 If a hand doesn't do it for you, then how about this pretty bumblebee

Solid Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker  by Heritage Casting  £33.00 from here


But I think it's pretty safe to say that a ladies hand and a bumblebee are merely decorative and unlikey to cause any offence. I don't honestly think I could say the same about this handcrafted brass knocker. A cat with a mouse in his mouth.Eughhhhh.

Although maybe the artist that created this did so to prevent people chapping his door. I for one would be most unwilling to bang the poor little mouse against the door

 £950!!!!!! from here


Queen Marie