Friday Torment

Oh saving up for a big item is such torment! As I've mentioned before, I'm saving up for a decent camera, namely the Canon 6D (sadly, the 5D is just far beyond my saving up capabilities!). My cheapy Nikon has been great, and I'm glad I bought it when I did, but it just doesn't cut the mustard any longer, especially as I want to take more photos of the things around me and life in general. So I'm selling things (anyone want a set of Technics 1210's?), buying less and generally trying to be a little more sensible in my purchases. 

Why then, do I insist on 'window' shopping on my favourite online shops? Is it the lure of the forbidden fruit? Or am I maybe just a bit of a shopping sadist, tormenting myself with things I simply cannot have?  Who knows, but I do know that I find myself cooeing over the lovely wares in BengtFashion from some of my current fave designers, such as Eudon Choi and Leutton Postle.

And am I obsessing deeply over this blue Eudon Choi coat? Of course I am.

Eudon choi
Joanna pybus
Louise amstrup

And I wouldn't be gutted of this Leutton Postle bag found it's way onto my shoulder.

Am I the only one tormenting myself with things I cannot have?