From Paper Dolls

It's amazing when you find a designer that's unpretentious and excited about what they do. One such designer is Sophie Hines, who has an amazing Etsy shop featuring lots of gorgeous, pretty lingerie and adorable dresses and tops.

Sophie began sewing things at four years old; making paper dolls and designing their outfits. Her passion for designing really took hold when she began creating clothes in her freshman year in highschool. In order to fund her sewing projects, she started her selling in her work first at the local farmer's market before making her way into local stores and online. 

She clearly has a particular passion for lingerie as her other clothing also frequently utilises lingerie materials, such as silk, sheer fabrics, and lace. 

A girl after my own heart, she says; "I think everyone should wear a certain amount of see-through clothing. YES you should wear a completely sheer dress! Wear it over that really beautiful slip you're dying to buy! Cause who doesn't love super beautiful lingerie?" I couldn not agree more.

Her underwear reminds me of more delicate, more feminine VPL and I imagine everything would be so comfortable to wear. It's the perfect lingerie to wear under snuggly cashmere.

I've not just fallen madly in love with the underwear though. Her tops and dresses have also sent my heart fluttering with lots of contrasting materials and plenty of sheer.