having a whale of a time...



We all do it.

Keep things for 'good'

Our best coat, our best bag.our best dress. We keep them locked up like precious prisoners waiting for that special occassion, that may not even come.Some people even do that with china and ornaments. My Mum has her wedding china all wrapped up and sadly it never sees the light of day.

It breaks my heart when I go into charity shops and I see previously cherished things, sitting on the shelf looking for new homes. Perhaps thats why I so appreciate people that upcycle these kind of items, giving them a new lease of life.

One of my favourites is Yvonne Ellen homeware whose etsy store carries her truly unique range of hand crafted, 'up cycled' pieces all designed to add charm and intrigue to your home and save the life of forlorn bone china plates and cups and saucers. Bless.

Each piece is entirely original and no two pieces are alike and all items are carefully and lovingly handmade in London.

 Whale of a Time plates  £35.66      Gin in a Teacup  £25.75

Vodka in a Teacup £25.75          Giraffe plates  £35.66

I love the look on the face of the little puffa fish on these fancy fish plates...

She also does the most fun cup and saucers, a perfect little gift for the lush in your life...
Queen Marie