leather and lace...

This morning I could feel a little nip in the air and it gave me a warm cozy feeling inside!

The season of mellow fruitfulness is on its way and I can once again swaddle myself in wooly scarves. I freely confess that I have an insane weakness for them. Normally when you think of scarves you think of gloves. Yet I have almost no interest in gloves at all. While Grande Empresss Gillian has a wardrobe full of extravagant leather and suede ones, I happily wear an old pair of suede mittens her Dad gave me several years ago. He calls me The Mitten Kitten now.

Never in a million years would I wear any of the divine creation made over at Coreltte.

Yet the lookbook for their Autum Winter collection was so striking I thought I should share it with you. Although if you ask me that girl will catch her death of cold, runningaround like that. Leather gloves and her arse hanging out. Young people today!

Corlette, noun: mix of four key words: ‘Colette’, Fiorina’s grandmother,‘corset’, where the inspiration comes from, ‘core of the body’ , the part of the body where the corsets and the belts have been worn and ‘corps’, the French word for body. 

Corlette AW13 Lookbook9

Corlette AW13 Lookbook8
Corlette AW13 Lookbook6

Corlette is a London based luxury accessories brand  who specialize in corset-style belts and gloves. 

Founded by Fiorina Benveniste-Schuler and named after her grandmother, Colette, an avid wearer of corsets and gloves who embraced elegance and style, Corlette represents the modern femininity combined with the savoir-faire and class of the old days. Born into a life of travel and describing herself to be from everywhere and nowhere, Fiorina brings a different philosophy to her design, combining various cultures to create luxury accessories that bridge the gap between both the formal and the casual.

Corlette AW13 Lookbook 4

Corlette AW13 Lookbook7
Corlette AW13 Lookbook5

All the pieces are 100% made in Italy by highly skilled artisans. Just look at the colours of these leathers.

Although for Winter as you can see, the collection is black, black with a little more black.


 Now if you don't mind I'll need to go and look out my thermal vests...

Queen Marie