when the little mermaid came ashore...

After the costly high fashion heartbreak of yesterday, today I bring you something super affordable and slightly tacky.

A bit of bad taste never did anyone any harm. In fact it often makes me feel a whole lot better...

Sound carries under water.

Deep out to sea, the little mermaid heard the music and swam closer to shore to take a look

Watching all the people dancing in the warm night air, she wished that she could join them.

But to do that, she would need the proper shoes when she went ashore.

Lucky for her there was an online site that specialised in mermaid dancing shoes - Mifani.

The encrusted sandals came in a range of wonderful colours - Coral, Turquoise, Copper and White.

They were like little jewelled coral reefs for feet. and at only £70 she couldn't decide which pair to choose...




Mifani, is an independent accessories label, specialising in embellished high heel shoes, using mock precious stones, emeralds, onyx and sapphire gems.

Perfect if you want to channel your inner dancing mermaid this summer...

Queen Marie