Les Is More

On my Tumblr I have a very evocative image from Russian designer Lesia Paramonova of sweet florals overlayed with sheer tulle. Florals and sheer - two of my favourite things. This accutely feminine aesthetic abound with flora and light-as-air tulle is key to the work of this up-coming designer. Her latest collection is less heavy on the tulle, but still in keeping with the romantic, almost magical, visual language she seems so deft at creating.

I even love the charm of her slightly broken English explaination of her latest collection, Les, featured mostly in the collage below; "LES The uniform became the main inspiration. These are the models of a very simple silhouettes with specific surrealistic prints. The main theme is still the wood, already not so real, but surreal, fairy-like, full of fantastic animals and unusual plants: instead of wings ducks could have leaves, and there suddenly could be mouse growing on blackberry bushes. For this collection I created the prints by transforming my illustrations that’s why there is an impression that the prints have been drawn on a fabric with a simple pencil. While creating this collection, I imagined the teenage girl from the Soviet past, with bows, stockings and in a traditional school uniform. It is, in some way, nostalgia on an image of the Soviet school student, but changed and passed through a prism of modern perception."

Q Michelle