"strong beauty..."

My first thought when I saw the  lookbook for  Ksenia Schnaider  Resort 2014 collection , was that it was right up Queen Michelle's street. These pieces with their clean cut silhouettes and sheer white panels would be perfect on her

This of course, was immediately followed by the thought, that I had better get it up super quick, before her beloved white phase comes to an end.

 Ksenia Schnaider is an independent European unisex brand, founded by Ukrainian designer Ksenia Marchenko and Russian graphic designer Anton Schnaider. Since meeting, both Ksenia and Anton have shared a passion for contemporary art and design, and upon realising this, they launched Ksenia Schnaider showing their first collection in 2011. 

For the duo their work is "all about strong beauty"

 We try to work consciously, constantly asking ourselves “why?” and “for what reason?” Nothing appears in our designs without a reason. At a first glance, Ksenia Schnaider’s simple forms actually carry a lot of sense, but we are deliberately trying to mask our philosophy from other people, giving them space and freedom to express their personal beliefs with our clothes.


 Continuing with the brands subtle, effortless approach, the resort collection aims to charm and evoke feelings of nostalgia back to a time when modesty in women was considered to be one of the most important virtues, as opposed to the sexualised figures of today. 

 Black and white with a hint of blue camouflage, taken from Ksenia Schnaider's popular Spring/Summer 2013 collection, enhances Ksenia's signature subtle approach, while the use of silk and organza evokes thoughts of purity.  

Ks 9


I have to say though, that the hairstyles in this lookbook are really distracting to me and not in a good way.

It is so sugary sweet ( and I can do heaps of sweet) it actually hurts my teeth.

That said, I adore these sandals below, although I suspect that they have actually just popped the real flowers onto a a sandal for the shot.  Ks7*Sigh*

Queen Marie