Fairground attraction...

I love fairgrounds.

Especially the lights which always fill me with a sense of wonder and delight. So I am super happy that there seems to be a bit of a trend developing for fairground lights. Maybe you associate the flashing metal letter more with Las Vegas or with showgirls but whatever the association, they are things of wonder!

What we share with you here on KOS, is often out of financial reach for most of us.Most times that doesn't upset me. It's nice to dream.

But with these lights, that is most definitley not the case.

Can I afford them - No

Do I want them  - Yes

Does that upset me - Hugely

Costing about £ 300 each, you can find them here

 Picture 10


Picture 11

Maybe I could try to persuade myself that they could serve as dual purpose items i.e. as a floor lamp and as ahandy coffee table.

That way I could half the cost!!!!


If you don't want your leters to look all new and shiny but more like you rescued them from the Nevada dessert,  then you should head here 


Queen Marie