The Emotion Of Minimal

 As I mentioned before, minimalism for me is not be mixed up with simplicity. I believe minimalism done well, goes much further than mere simplicity. So when I explore my own verison of this, then I'm looking for something more complex, something which has a clear, underlying narrative in spite of having a seeming blank canvas. I believe there is great emotions attached to minamlism - some are negative, some a restful and some are even slightly aggressive. I tend to favour the slighlty aggressive, where there is a strictness, an abrupt full stop, as it were.

I recently came cross the work of Angélique Chmielewski who was born in Edmonton, Canada but moved to New York City to study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, she began her line in the Autumn of 2011.

The emotional aspect I mentioned is something Angélique clearly feels too, as she is "inspired by human experiences and the idea that clothing can be a vehicle used to express one’s emotions, thoughts and ideals. What we wear everyday is an expression of our unique personalities and contributes to the stories of our lives". Whilst all clothing relates in some way to ones emotions, since this is how we use the garments we wear, there is something that pushes that a little further when it come to minimalism. I don't actually know if Angélique considers her work to be within the minamalist language, but for me it certainly falls under that sartorial umbrella.

Queen Michelle