season of confusion...

So festival season is upon us once again.

Rock Ness was actually blessed with sunshine the whole weekend. I'll bet the T in the Park guys are keeping their fingers crossed, that they will be so lucky too.

As you can imagine the Kingdom inbox is filled to the brim with festival stories and suggestions but also, most disconcertingly, invitations to Christmas Press Days. Eeek!

 Much as I love M&S, I'm not sure I want to be thinking about the Festive Season already!



 So I was suffering seasonal confusion when I popped over to Urban Outfitters to check out the genius that is the Ion Duo Deck Turntable.

Basically this is a portable turntable. Perfect for any festival, barbecue or day in the park.

 Powered by four AA batteries or USB and featuring a built-in speaker and headphone port and an incredibly compact design, the Ion Duo Deck will fit into a bag or backpack and has everything you need to enjoy your vinyl or cassette collection wherever you are. You can also use it to convert your music to MP3.

Yes you read that correctly - cassette!

I have mountains of tapes which I could never part with, now with this super nifty little gizmo I can play them again and convert them for continued fun.

Simply it into a computer using the USB cable provided and let the self-installing software convert your records and ancient cassettes to MP3, straight from the stylus.  

 The tone-arm can be locked into place when you’re on the move and because there isn’t a large platter like on conventional turntables, it can be easily stored or carried around.




Unbelievably this thing only costs £60.

I'm buying one today, right after I buy my christmas cards and order my turkey...

Queen Marie