a velociraptor ate my handbag...

Growing up, my grandmother had a beautiful wooden parquet coffee table.

I would spend ages looking at the intricate way it had been put together and dreamed that one day, when I grew up, I would marry a rich man and live in a house with not just a parquest table but a beautiful parquest floor.

A floor like this...


So imagine my chagrin to see earlier this week, that a shop window display featured the kind of perfect floor that I may never enjoy in real life.


Of course it is no ordinary window display, I"m talking about the the new Louis Vuitton 'Natural History' windows in Bond Street...


The idea for Louis Vuitton’s new window installation was hatched after a visit to the Natural History Museum in Paris’s Les Jardins des Plantes, where the remains of the biggest and most successful species of animal ever to walk the Earth can be seen fascinating crowds of adults and children alike.

Louis Vuitton has brought these vast prehistoric skeletons back to life in a surreal, spiny fantasy, their bones filling the windows of Louis Vuitton Maison stores and shining bright in antique gold.

The mighty reptiles have taken a magical trip through time, travelling many millions of years to make their appearance in the windows. Stepping out of their museum-style cabinets – specially built in the dark oak used on Louis Vuitton stores’ parquet floors, and lined with canard-green velvet – each of the dinosaurs bestrides its window like a colossus and enters into mischievous interactions with our mannequins. These legendary marvels from the Mesozoic era reveal a new and more playful side as we see them conversing with the ladies on an afternoon stroll; carrying their bags down the boulevards; giving them a ride on their backs, taking them on the most wondrous and impossible journey since the very beginnings of life on Earth.

The dinosaurs featured are the slow, spiny Dimetrodon, the oldest of the selection, dating from 290 million years ago, with its distinctive sail of spines on its back; the placid Stegosaurus, with plates across its backbone like a jaw full of wonky teeth; the gigantic, pond-paddling Brachiosaurus; the swift-footed, fast-thinking Velociraptor; the predatory Spinosaurus, the largest of the meat-eaters, even bigger than the Tyrannosaurus rex; and the three-horned Triceratops, the youngest of the bunch at a mere 65 millions years old. Their golden skeletons create intricate architectural structures against which to showcase Louis Vuitton products... 


Now if you will excuse me, I'm going for a lie down in a darkened room, to bemoan my fate and my lack of divine parquet flooring...

Queen Marie