you lift me up...

I've been down in the dumps recently.

But as is always the case, it's often the simplest things that can make you smile again and lift you out of the doldrums - pretty flowers, a bar of your favourite chocolate or a big bunch of balloons.

Although you would need to be a lottery winner to give me the balloons below.

These are no ordinary golden balloons, these are magical balloons,these are balloons that can support the weight of a glass coffee table. Yikes.

They form part of the glorious UP  Coffee Table, designed and created here in the UK by Christopher Duffy.

 Working with the illusion of levitation and buoyancy, the UP coffee table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression that a piece of glass is being suspended by small balloons. The table  made of toughened glass and toughened steel rods is being produced in a very  limited edition of  only twenty.

Costing a whopping £5,800.00, you can buy it here

New balloon table


UP Table Duffy London IIHIH hero2
UP Table Duffy London IIHIH 1
UP Table Duffy London IIHIH 7
UP Table Duffy London IIHIH 5

UP Table Duffy London IIHIH hero
UP Table Duffy London IIHIH 6

If balloons don't work for you, then how about joining me on my magic carpet and we can fly away from out cares. 

Oh arse! Hold on - I've got my magic rug mixed up with my flying carpet coffee table!




Like the balloon table, many of Duffy London’s designs play with the theme of gravity.  

This time the  illusion is created by mounting the steel rug on hidden legs supported by a shadow base.The modern ‘pixel effect’ pattern is based on ancient Persian rug designs and comes in three colour ways. 

It can be yours for around £1450.00

It's like Disney furniture for grown ups...

Queen Marie