Techno In The Kingdom

This has been a loooooong time in coming - a new mix by Prince B for the Kingdom!

It has involved me nagging/pleading him periodically since the last one, until finally he relented and gave me one for your listening pleasure. It was like getting blood out of the proverbial stone.

If you think I'm critical of myself at ballet, then I can assure you it's not a fraction as much as Prince B is critical of his own mixes. I swear that man has the hearing of a bat, hearing when a mix is out by a tiniest fraction of second, which usually ends up with the whole mix being assigned to the bin. But he finally tired of my pleading/bribing/shouting/nagging and allowed me to post this one.

I can also say that right now he is wanting to take this mix right back off me again. Ain't happenin' B!

It's bangin' and jackin'. The good things in life.

Oh hi Prince B! Thanks for the mix!


Queen Michelle