Miuccia and the ostrich

 For me, what makes a fashion print campaign a success, is the speed at which it stops me dead in my tracks.

For that to happen, the image has to be arresting and immediate. You may love or loathe the image, but you certainly won't forget it. 

I stared at the sequin strangeness of  the new Prada advert, for the longest time today. 


  And as I stared, I tried to grab hold of the elusive comparison that my brain was trying to make.

Who or what did this strange creature make me think of?


 It took a while, but then it struck me.

The girls all look like little sequined baby ostriches!

Not a comparison you draw every day...



 Next, I came across this stunning shot of Emma Watson in this Prada Paillette outfit and this time, my comparison was much swifter...


 Holy moley, she's like a little sequined hedgehog!

Miuccia pulls it out of the bag again...

Queen Marie