"brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue..."

Dorothy Parker once said  - “The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”


(In this photo: Alan Campbell, Dorothy Parker  Photo: Jacob Lofman  Jan 01, 1937)



I'm sure she would have welcomed the chance to work on her wisdom teeth as well as her wit, with a Yumaki toothbrush.

Swedish entrepreneur Jakob Lennartsson and well-known Japanese oral care company, Okamura joined forces to develop and launch the dental care brand Yumaki which will  feature 18 new brush models and  collections each season...


It makes me happy when designers turn their attention to small everyday things and make them better through design and imagination.


I like to think that Dorothy would have picked the "speed brush" to reflect her quick wit.

Day or night she was always ready with a "wisecrack"

My favourites are Ska, Graf and Forest, simply because I like the juxtoposition of the colours between the bristles and the handle of the brush...


You can choose your Yumaki from here and it strikes me that $10 is a bargain way to start your day with style and a smile.


Queen Marie