Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory: "finding the underlying order in apparently random data".

Helen E. O’Neill, Heriot-Watt graduate, sent me her collection, called 'Chaos', which is inspired by research into natural disasters, in particular earthquakes and why they occur and delving into Chaos Theory.

Now, I love a good scientific theory. I regulary try and get my head around String Theory and black holes, so a collection based on ideas, concepts and scientific exploration has my interest from the start.

Helen's study into earthquakes for her project is explained thus: "My intention in this project is to acknowledge where blame is placed when explaining the cause of earthquakes. While called “natural” as we in some way tempting fate whilst striving to develop newer, better and more advance technology, habitats and transportation, for instance the Maraway Railway Engineering project in Istanbul, one of Turkey’s cities most prone to earthquakes."

It's always going to be slightly tricky to interpret such an emotive issue visually, in the form of a fashion collection, so Helen has chosen to keep it simple by using her print to suggest fault lines, and PVC is textured to imply cracks and fissures in the earth's surface caused by earthquakes.





Panelled leggings


There are clear nods to Gareth Pugh in her work but sadly these photos are too blurred to truly do her work justice. The concept of her collection has been handled well, as it could have gone down an entirely different, more insensitive route, so I'm glad she decided to explore the study of natural disasters.

Queen Michelle