pop a cherry on the top...


I love the look of cherries but I don't much care for the taste.

Just as well, because if I was to try and eat any of Piers Atkinson's cherry creations, I would have a very sore tummy indeed.

His Black Cherry Headband is available from Fenwicks in London  £297.00


If you want a more colourful cherry, then you need one of his Limited Edition Cherry Headband created for Joyce.com . They come in baby blue, pink, lilac, orange, yellow and red-black glitter.

They go on sale tomorrow, July 25 for HK$5,900 (approx. USD$ 757)



If I could pop one of these on top of my head, I would be a very happy Queen indeed...

Queen Marie



ps-Apologies for the tardy posting today. It's not me being lazy. My anti-midas has been in full flow today and it has taken me over  five hours to get online today. Arghhhhh

Shock horror gasp, I was actually going to do an outfit post today. I managed to get some shots yesterday but I have been foiled by the worst internet connection on the planet. Maybe if I start trying to upload the shots, I might actually get it up for next Saturday...