It's Summer, Let's talk sheepskin...

The weather here in The Kingdom is always a bit unpredictable, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty full on.

Wind, rain, flooding and today we have scary scary thunder and lightning. Summer makes unscheduled ten minute appearances before being chased away again by grey skies and another torrential downpour.

This is what summer looks like here today...


In life, they say- timing is everything. 

So as I sat in work the other week, with soggy  cold feet ( I had landed in a puddle getting out the car) the very charming Michael Hodge from Whooga, couldn't have picked a better time to email me, all the way from Tasmania and ask if I would like to try a pair of his sheepskin boots!

Hell yes I said, send them over right away, my feet are freezing. Michael explained that his are made using Whooga ThermoFleece™ Technology, which simply put , means the sheepskin lining is twice as thick as other style boots.

Designed to be a snug fit, it was very important to order the right size, and the best way to ensure a super snuggly fit was to draw the outline of my foot on paper and measure it. For some reason, that really appealed to me, it seemed so old school and personal. So tootsies traced, I worked out my size  and waited for my boots to arrive. Which they did within a couple of days




 Holy Crap, the minute I put them on, I never wanted to take them off. Unlike most plug ugly ugg boots, they were neat on my feet and close fitting, in fact they were like hugs for my feet!


 Sheepskin in summer ?

Yes please...



You too, can have toasty toes for much cheapness, with my tall boots now reduced to only £79

9 out of 10 bears and Queens love these boots!!!!


Queen Marie