hey there cookie...

It's funny how our memories work.

It was only yesterday when I came across these adorable storage tins, that I remembered that the 'ladies' who trained me  in my first job, used to call me "cookie" Every morning, I would be greeted with a cheery cry of "Morning cookie! pop the kettle on" I was always pleased to oblige.

But when I was actually making the tea and coffee, my heart was always in my mouth. It was a precarious business. Everything sat balanced on a really high narrow window ledge and I lost count the number of times I would spill sugar and coffee all over the floor.

Things would have been so much less stressful, if we had had a lovely row of cannisters like these, to keep everything safe.

Tea, Coffee and Sugar Cannisters £9.50 each




Cookie Tins £10.00 each

They are available from the eternally charming Lapin and me, which is crammed full of happy things including my beloved  Rabbit Lamp.

Rabbit Lamp £46.00

Bunny lamp lapin

My lamp sits on top of my Kartell Stone Stool and for some reason, he looks quite sinister in these shots. Truly and deeply sinister. Like a rabbit with a hidden agenda... 




"Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes.

You want to give me your lettuce, all of your lettuce..."


Queen Marie


ps - The joke, is of course, on him!

Me, Lettuce?

You're 'avin a larf...