may your load be light...

As we  journey along the path of life, we all of us, carry baggage with us.

Emotional baggage.

Some of us are heavily burdened, while other lucky souls travel much lighter.

How wonderful would it be, if we could pack all our emotional baggage into an actual bag, which we could then leave behind, accidently on purpose, on buses, planes, trains and taxis all over the world. Allowing us to continue on our way with happier hearts and lighter spirits.


I am delighted to tell you all, that I have found the perfect bags, for just such a task.

Designed by the very wonderful Jessica Cushman, you can pack your troubles up into a perfect little Canvas Clutch or manhandle all your bigger issues into a Large Cotton Tote with rope handles...

Canvas Clutch $55.00 

 Natural Cotton with rope handles $105.00

I love love love Jessica's work and the spin she puts on everything always makes me smile.

Protect me from what I want Clutch $55.00  



 Wise words indeed.


Now if you will excuse me, I've got a bag to pack , a bus to catch and some baggage to lose!!!


Queen Marie