Beauty In The Mundane

De Montfort University graduate Rose Cherrington, has created a vibrant and fresh collection inspired by the relatively mundane aspects of her environment. She photographs aspects of everyday life, such as a housing estate, and transfers those photographic observations into prints, which she combines with block colours and loose silhouettes.

Everything here is just so wearable with nods to Marni, which is a good thing.






I am particularly fond of the housing estate print, as I myself grew up on an housing estate, so to see these areas, which have really quite ugly houses, turned into something which looks aesthetically pleasing brings a smile to my face.

In such estates, because the people who live there are often poor, as my family were, they try really hard to bring beauty to their little part of the estate. With high rates of crime and violence in these areas, it suddenly seems important to make your living space as welcoming as possible. Gardens are lovingly tended to and houses are decorated as well as residents can afford. My parents had a lovely house, in spite of sometimes having no money for food. The Queen Mum was so proud she refused to allow the outside world to judge our poverty, so the house and garden were always lovely.

Rose has seen beauty in the mundane and it translates really well in her collection. I like to see the print explored even further and applied across dresses and shirts.

Queen Michelle