The day of rest...

Sunday is meant to be a day of rest.

But today has been a day of stress.

It's 7.20pm, and as I sit here typing this, only now has my heart stopped racing and my head spinning.

I had such a different day planned. I was going to take some pictures, take afternoon tea in the garden with our Frances and start to tell you all about my exciting new project!

Let's just say Mother Nature had other plans. Unforseen, unexplainable and scary as hell. Hopefully this time next week, I will look back and laugh as I fill you in on the events of the day.

But for now, I can't help think that if I were given the choice between the birds or the bees, I gonna go with the birds every time, or at least until my nerves stop jangling.

Pretty little birds like this -

Garden Wren Statue £4.99



When things are back to normal out there in the garden, I plan to sit on this Moomin Picnic Blanket and drinking tea and eating cupcakes with my wonderful Neptune Spoons and try to relax again...

Moomin Cotton Picnic Blanket £35.00


Set of 5 Neptune Spoons £19.00


All from the wonderful Drift Living...


A freaked out Queen Marie