Fragile Adornments

The brilliant thing aboyt loking through Graduate work is that is comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours. When I open the emails I never know what to expect.

I was really pretty thrilled to see the work of Kirsty McLaren who graduated from Middlesex University. Kirsty graduated with a jewellery degree but the route she has chosen to travel is not at all an obvious one. She has created what could only be described as body adornments, which are incporporated into garments.

She explained that "seeing the body as such strong structure, allows hme to push the boundaries with what is 'wearable' choosing to push this structure as far as possible rather than delicately decorating with fragile adornments".

Kirsty goes on to say, "I encourage and am very interested with the interaction that takes place between the wearer and the garment.  Having this curiosity about the way people interact with my pieces, i've created a collection that can be worn in various ways. The ambiguity with these pieces allows the wearer to decide how they wear them, folded up or stretched out"

The proof of her exploration in the work itself.







Queen Michelle