it's the little things...


I’ve got to be honest.

I’m feeling old right now. Old, tired, in a rut, joyless, staid, sad. Pretty much the opposite of the person who would wear this ring.

Just one look at this bottle opening ring from Adorn, made me, just for a moment, long to be a totally different person.

A person who drinks beers outside with her friends. A girl who laughs, has fun and sees the joy in things. Who kicks up her heels and sets off on some weekend adventure without a second thought.

This 3d printed ring lets you crack a beer with your bare hands. The precise geometry of this stainless steel ring enables you to pop the top off of a bottled beverage. Users tend to prefer wearing the Bottle-Opening Ring on the index finger of their dominant hand for maximum dexterity.


It comes in sizes 6 - 15 and comes in
Stainless Steel, Bronze Steel, Gold-plated Steel, Black Steel

For some reason it says on the order form it can’t be shipped to Canada!

Wonder why that is. I’m pretty sure Canadians like beer as much as the next man…

Queen Marie