It's In The Eyes


Let me begin by saying please forgive me for extreme posting laziness - I’ve basically just cut and pasted content from a website. I really hate doing that, and avoid it as much as humanely possible, but time is not on my side at the moment. I’m freelancing in a design agency all week and I have one day at home and having to cram in all my other freelance work plus blogging into this single day, so hectic would an understatement.

I’m not sure why this following chat from the website has a capital letter in front of each word like it’s one big massive title, but let’s just go with it…

Ruree Lee is a womenswear designer based in New York where she graduated in Fashion Design from Parsons School Of Design.

She Received The Parsons Dean’s Scholarship Throughout Her Four Years At Parsons And Her Pre-Fall 18 Collection Entitled “Presence/Absence” Was Sponsored By Safilo New York, Also She Participated In 70th Annual Parsons Benefit Runway. Lee’s Design Esthetic Shows Artistic And Abstract Approach To Design Based On The Development Of Her Own Textiles And Silhouettes.

Lee’s Thesis Collection Representing The Loss Of Real Communication Resulting From Living In The 21st Century And Living In Virtual Reality,  Lee Utilized The Key Symbol Of The Age Of Nonverbal Communication - The Fingerprint As A Recurring Theme Throughout Her Garments, Interpreted Via Various Materials And Textiles And Visualized With Abstract Lines. She Also Focused On  Shapes That Represent The Posture Of Hugging To Reference The Need For Affection That Is Often Lost In Today’s Society Due To Our Overuse Of Technology.

Ultimately For Lee, The Goal Of This Collection Is To Show The Importance Of Humanity And Communicate The Message That We Need To Look Into One Another’s Eyes To Truly See Who We Are.