A Dress For All Weather


I haven’t been shopping in the longest time. Other than a few basics that got me through ‘summer’, I haven’t felt compelled to buy anything lately. Oh and ‘summer’? Yeah it’s mid august and I’m back in my winter parka and jeans but let’s not dwell on that otherwise I’ll start ranting about the weather again.

Even though I haven’t been buying anything I have still been keeping my eye out for any special pieces that catch my attention. This weird weather (the same weather I said I wouldn’t talk about only a few sentences ago) is making dressing so, so hard. One day it’s torrential rain but warm, the next day it’s dry but windy and cold, the day after that it’s all this weather in the one day! So buying clothes just now is a total waste of time. However, I have been admiring these black Deandri dresses from their Cult Collection.

I have a lot of Deandri dresses but I don’t own any all black versions. Maybe time to add a new little black dress to my collection…