Celtic Connection

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I want to share the easy breezy creations from designer Orla Langan. She is an Irish designer and graduate of Ireland’s National College of Art and Design and also has a Masters in Multi-Media Systems from Trinity College Dublin and launched her brand in 2017. Her background is in sportswear apparel design and has designed for brands such as Fila, Puma, Lee Jeans and Sweaty Betty. The sportswear influence is fairly

clear in her work: jogging bottoms, sports jackets and jersey pepper her work. The brand is "driven by sustainability" and a desire to create a “conscientious distinctive label; merging art, design and street”. Garments are custom-made and hand-crafted in Dublin; minimizing waste and supporting a circular and ethical approach to fashion creations.

We look at trends, your lifestyle, values, materials, functionality, sustainability and then add fun, flair and originality. By the time we finish pieces for one collection we are already thinking about the next one. We often sketch on the side of the pattern pieces, enabling an iterative process that generates the originality we strive for. We find it is a more organic and creative way of working.
— orla langan
Most of the jersey and woven fabrics this season are organic and certified*. We have introduced Tencel (also known as lyocell) and modal fibers this season, as they are produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents. Blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance, with the lustrous feel of a silk. We are researching the use of hemp fabrics without compromising the inherent properties we build into the garments. It is important to seek innovative developments, using eco- friendly fabrics and new technologies that might help to create fabrics in a more ethical and sustainable way.