Good Wood


As I may have mentioned one or a million times - I love jewellery that looks textural of ‘found’. Rough, worn silver, battered and aged gold, twisted and torn copper - anything wildly textured that batters the obvious beauty out of the material, then I am instantly drawn to it. There is such beauty in something that isn’t shiny or perfect. Everything in my own jewellery box looks like it’s been run over by a car then buried for 10 years.

Normally that textural good stuff is made in gold or silver, however Vienna based designer Michelle Kraemer takes it in a different direction, using balsa wood instead. You might not expect balsa wood to have much potential when it comes to creating beautifully textural pieces, but Michelle’s expert handcrafting of the lightweight wood yields unexpected results.

Creative and artistic expression have always played a big role in my life. My passion for contemporary jewellery I discovered during my 3D-Design studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

You’d never imagine in a million years these pieces were created from wood, yet they are crafted in such a way as to appear like meteorite rock or stone. She also has a collection inspired by clouds. Queen Marie will love this cloud necklace I feel.