What would Steve McQueen do?


Imagine if Steve McQueen had the day off.

No barbed wire fences to jump. No ‘great escapes’ to be made.

Maybe just wanting to go for a quiet ride.

But what if he was forced to ride an e bike? Then there would only be one choice -

The Tempus Titan R Electric Bike.

Built with aircraft grade steel and modeled after a vintage motorcycle, this retro electric bike is equipped with a 1000W hub motor, a removable lithium ion battery, and a leather motorcycle seat. It quickly reaches a top speed of 28 MPH (45km/h) and has a 40+ mile range (65+ km).

Now I know this might make all the boys and girls riding around on their trek bikes throw up their hands in horror but I’m quite smitten with the look of this.

Factor in dual crown suspension, 26″ all terrain tires and dual disc brakes complete with customizable tank and leather motorcycle seat. This is one e-bike most of us wouldn’t mind being seen riding in public.


Queen Marie