Instagram Outfit Roundup / May

pvcand honeybirdette.jpg

It’s quite a quiet month regarding Instagram outfits as I’ve only shot four this month, one of which I don’t have the photo of any more.

There’s nothing new here in terms of clothing - all old pieces, many of which you’ve seen. I dug out this Sister Jane gingham dress, which I hadn’t worn in a long time. It then got packed away when I moved house and I forgot I had it altogether then remembered about it the other day, when I had a gingham urge. This would be a standard dress if not for these utterly gloriously oversized bell sleeves. I just love how huge they are. I was looking at ways to make the dress less sweet here, so I added thigh high Rick Owens boots and leather choker. Rick Owens and gingham is an unlikely pairing but I think it works.

I also included a basic, errand running outfit because it’s not all super styling and statement pieces. Sometimes it’s just jeans and a jacket.