you're never too old or too young...


You’re never too old or too young to think about Architecture and design.

Dieter Rams who I posted about on Tuesday is 85 and still going strong. When it comes to thinking and talking abut architecture and design , I don’t think you can start early enough.

So forget teddy bears and rabbits and buy them Baby’s First Eames. An ABC of modern architecture written by Julie Merberg and illustrated by AKI.

This whimsically illustrated board book offers a delightful A-to-Z overview of modern design icons for tiny people.

From Alexander Calder to Frank Lloyd Wright, from Knoll furniture to Noguchi sculptures, the visionaries, buildings, and captivating objects introduced in Baby's First Eames make design fun and accessible for aesthetes of all ages.

Now nursery rhymes are all well and good but I would also be happy to introduce them to just a few of the architects, designers, buildings, furniture pieces, and styles mentioned in the book including -

• Art deco

• Bauhaus Wassily chair

• Fallingwater

• Frank Gehry

• The Glass House

• Hearst Castle

• I.M. Pei

• Noguchi

• Marimekko

• Renzo Piano

• Sydney Opera House

• Tulip chair

• Zaha Hadid

Published in the US by Downtown Bookworks in March 2018 it’s well worth tracking down a copy for the small people in your life.


Queen Marie