the power of pink...


Whenever I look at modern abstract art, especially if is ‘decorative’ I hear my wee grans voice in my head saying “ I could do that”

Maybe she could have but I think she was doing the artists a disservice.

No matter how simple something looks, it takes talent and hard work to make it look effortless.

That’s what I always think when I look at the work of Jenny Andrews Anderson.

The vibrant pinks lift my spirits and make me feel just a little better about things.

I have resisted a purchase so far as wall space here in The Kingdom has run out. 

At the minute I’m leaning things against walls and sitting smaller frames on the floor.

 I really need to take some things down for a rest.


Last week Oor Frances and I were on our annual Anstruther trip.

On Sunday we took a wee trip to our favourite antique shop in Pittenweem

Languishing upstairs I came across a print. No idea who the artist is.

My eyes were drawn to the figure in the bottom corner because he looked like a Studio Ghibli spirit, like a combination of a friendly no face and a forest spirit.

I couldn’t resist him.


However once I got home, I took a closer look at the whole print and  I am thinking that perhaps it is a beach scene with a parasol, beach towel and flip flops.

But I am sticking to my original impression and have called him the Flip Flop Ghost.


All I need now is a frame and some space…

Queen Marie