underneath a cloudy sky...


Let’s start Saturday with an understatement.

We get a lot of rain in Scotland

Holy crap is that an understatement, the rain and the sleet have been biblical this week. As I type this there is snow and the ground and heavy rain falling. I half expect Noah to sail past the window in an ark any moment.

As a result of that, we suffer from grey leaden skies a lot of the time. That’s what I really have problems with. The lack of colour and light deadens your heart and spirit.

Thats why blue skies and fluffy blue clouds do exactly the opposite. They lighten my entire outlook on life.


That’s why I wish I could hang a Corinne Melanie painting on my wall.

Her glorious cloudscapes and contemporary pieces would make anyone feel better.

Sadly though she lives in Australia and as you can imagine doesn’t post to Scotland.



 In 2014 I opened the doors of my Etsy store and I've been working on developing my unique and individual style. I'm currently drawn to creating classic, contemporary, dreamlike portraits of clouds and abstract expressionist works.


Have a lovely weekend.

Hope it’s dry where you are…

Queen Marie