Great Lengths


I shall endeavour to pick up blogging again but won’t likely be able to fill in for Queen Marie too as I just haven’t got the time to do extra posts, so please stick with me until she returns.

I haven’t bought anything new for ages now, instead just rewearing and reworking old favourites.

Last week on my Instagram I posted this outfit where I’m wearing a dress, which was made into a skirt and is now being worn as a top! I think I like it most of all as a top to be honest, so might investigate making it a more permanent transition.

This Jean Pierre Braganza skirt is still one of my favorite things. These days it’s mostly worn indoors as it’s rarely the weather to wear a silk skirt with a sizable train, lest it end up soaked and shredded, so I’m happy enough wafting around the house in it on the days I’m working from home. I might work from home but I don’t need to dress like a smelly tramp whilst doing it.