Cult Of Bone


Cult of Bone is an African jewellery brand founded in 2018 by South African designer, Nick Becker. He produces talismans made from exotic materials such as bone, horn, meteorite and precious metals.

His pieces have that irregularity and imperfection I find so beautiful. The bone is literally salvaged from the earth and made into talismans, giving life back to it via the wearer.

I believe that all material holds power, specifically through its history, I salvage rare materials from Africa and sculpt them into talismanic objects

Nick believes that all material holds power through history and through this belief he has explored the ethics surrounding the use of these kinds of materials. "As a kid, I used to walk through the bush and discover all kinds of things like porcupine quills, Impala teeth, Kudu horn, snake skin. They were either hunted by predators or died from natural causes. I was very aware of their story and how it came to an end. I remember the gravity of the situation sinking in to my mind - holding entire lifetimes in the palms of my hands, it was profound”. He concluded if the experience of life and death for each animal was ethical, and void of human intervention, then the remains can be salvaged.

Nick goes to great lengths to ensure his customers are fully aware that no human ended the life of each animal. So whether the animal has been hunted by a pride of lions or has died of old age, a veterinary approved certification is given once found.  All products are certified by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of South Africa and have been inspected and found to comply with current requirements for import of bones, horns and hooves from FMD free countries or zones and export of these processed products. 

All talismans are accompanied by certification stating where and how the animal came to eternal rest, void of all human intervention. Within these parameters, exotic luxury can be held to an ethical and sustainable standard. 

Through Nick’s exhaustive measures we can shop knowing we are not contributing in any way to trophy hunting. That beautiful black Moon Valley ring can be yours!