Tempus fugit...


Glancing at my phone to see what time it is, I often wonder who still wears a watch.

But then I remember all of my family are welded to their swatch watches while the Grande Empress has a watch for every occasion, so maybe I am the one out of step.

But as always I digress. Today we’re taking a wee look at the Sony FES paper Watch.


Unlike the approach taken by smart arse watches, Sony have been focusing on fashion and style.

The Sony FES Watch U, is a completely customizable watch with an electronic ink face and strap display.

It allows wearers to upload and convert nearly any image from their smartphone via a compatible Sony Closet App to crop and position into a monochromatic design that stretches from watch face all the way across the length of the straps. This bit of customization magic is all made possible thanks to the same display technology found inside the Amazon Kindle e-reader.

Needless to say, some will find this cool, I would doubtless forget to change it and it would be stuck on the same old thing for months on end.


This characteristic of electrophoretic display feels very bladerunner and I’m not ashamed to say I had to look up what ‘electrophoretic’ meant…

Queen Marie